Background of Delft

Delft is a large township with a growing population of over 150,000 inhabitants. It consists of six sub-areas, and recent population growth has led to additional informal settlements such as the aptly named ‘Sanitizer’ and Covid’ emerging adjacently to the township. Delft was established in 1989 and is situated approximately 30 km northeast of the Cape Town city centre. Unlike most South African townships, it is a planned mixed-race settlement. Therefore, Delft is a diverse settlement that is comprised of a slim majority of Coloured residents as well as many Xhosa people and an increasing African immigrant population. High unemployment levels (>40%) and relatedly high crime and substance abuse disrupt social cohesion, although around 80% of Delft’s population live in formal housing, indicating the fact that Delft is relatively developed compared to other townships in the Cape Flats.