Household Interviews

Two hundred household interviews were undertaken in Sweet Home Farm by the research team using a snowballing telephonic interview approach and building on networks shared by community members supporting the project. All participants were informed of the objectives of the research and interviews took approximately 30-40 minutes. The research enquired about socio-economic and demographic characteristics and exploring themes of household demographics and characteristics, lived experiences of localised flooding, and also impacts of such challenges and also most recently that of COVID 19. Photography was also used as a recording technique in household interviews where participants were requested to record images using their smartphones of the climate challenge. The research team worked interactively and reflexively online using a WhatsApp messaging system, drawing upon the different skills of research team members. At the conclusion of each day of interviews the team rendezvoused online and discussed events, findings and insights. All data was documented in a secure online database and analysed for insights and trends. The outcomes of that analysis were used to inform subsequent research processes described here, and also to generate a range of academic papers (in process).